To Kicksta Music Group Song Rights Management. We Represent an Elite Group of Singers, Songwriters,

Composers, and Producers for Licensing their Creative works in Film/TV, Video Games, and worldwide

In-store Airplay.

New Placements 

Congrats to Emmy Award winning Hit Songwriter/Producer Michèle Vice-Maslin for her songs being Placed on In-store Airplay channels worldwide.

Award News 

Congrats to Rock Artist Jon Mullane for His song Born Beautiful, has recently won a fourth Award at the Music California Video Awards

New Placements 

 Congrats to Jamie Sparks, Andre Ennis, and Randy Powell for Their Reggae Song Title: "Soon will be the Day"
 got a featured Film Placement in the UK.

New signings 

Kicksta Songz welcomes  Songwriter/Producer Jessica Lloyce for Worldwide In-store Airplay,and Publishing Representation.

New Placements 

Congrats to our Hip Hop Artist Maddness on his song title: "Touchdown Play" and "Never Giving up" Selected for worldwide in-store Airplay

New Placements 

Congrats to our composer Navid Hejazi on his song Titled "Rising" Being selected for use in a Independent Film Project.

New Placements 

Congrats to our hip hop Recording Artist N.B. for his song Titled: "Drinks on me"  was Placed in the

TV Show Growing up Hip Hop Atlanta Season 1 Episode 4 you don't Know me.

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